Edmondson Park Conservation Agreement

  • Aprile 09, 2021

This park has no companions. This means that it is a free trade and that the payment is made on the honor system: if you leave the park, be sure to keep your receipt. All you need to do is show at the door in one of Halton`s other parks that you visit that day and your entrance fee is covered. What a deal! It is a day park with an entrance fee. Check out the fresh costs here: www.conservationhalton.ca/entrance-fees What`s great about Robert Edmondson is that it`s an accessible fishing hole, with a wooden wharf at the end of the pond closest to the parking lot. There are several picnic benches on the dock that have plenty of opportunities to fish and enjoy a picnic on the water`s edge. Robert Edmondson Conservation Area is one of seven parks in the Halton Conservation Area. The first day of our getaway marked the opening day of Ontario Family Fishing Week, and Emma has a brand new fishing rod — her first adult mast — so we had fishing on our agenda for this morning. Toronto West KOA Campground is just a 6-minute drive from the Robert Edmondson Conservation Area car park. It is a small quiet park with a pond that houses pumpkin bass and seeds and a 2 km path that winds through wetlands and forests. Alex and I hadn`t been in this place since Emma was born and the park had another name, so it was fun to visit a place we hadn`t seen in over 10 years. While there is no companion at the door, Halton Conservation employees check the parking lot for proof of payment. But even if they don`t check, please do the right thing and pay your entrance fee.

Your money goes into preserving the parks working for all of us to enjoy, which is pretty awesome. We had a short “glamping” vacation in Toronto West KOA, which gave us a great opportunity to explore in one day in two different halter conservation parks. Yes! Two parks in one day! Living a few nights at the door of these fantastic parks meant that our Saturday could be spent quickly between nature reserves and that halton`s “One fee, Seven parks” agreement was used. That`s right, you pay an entrance fee to one of the parks and you have privileges in the seven Halton Conservation Parks that day. Make sure you have a pen to fill in the required payment information. Pull off the long part of the shutter and place it on your dashboard, visible through the windshield. Did I say earlier that we were glamping? This is the code for indoor facilities and really comfortable beds, which means we also slept on Saturdays. So we arrived very late in the morning in the Edmondson Conservation Area.

This is not the best time to catch fish. We had a lot of bites and worms stolen, which was quite exciting, but the little fish in the photo above is the only shot we actually introduced. When the midday sun sank, I`m pretty sure the bass had receded from the exposed edges to the swampy and more shameful parts of the pond. Despite our lack of luck, we always had a good time to start our lines and feel the bare fish at the other end, while we observed turtles and geese in their natural habitat. Hey, that`s a nice contribution on some fishing in the Robert Edmondson Conservation Area, Halton. I read and enjoyed your sharing. Your family fishing is excellent. Thank you for your beautiful writing. You have the exact change ready. (At the time of writing, the maximum tax for a car is $12) After packing our gear, we jumped into the jeep and went to the Crawford Lake Conservation Area – one of our favorite park parks, just 11 minutes from Robert Edmondson`s Pond, and 16 minutes from our home for the night in Toronto West KOA.