Stars Prenuptial Agreements

  • Dicembre 17, 2020

In the marital contract of Beyoncé and Jay Z, Beyoncé has a lot of influence. Their marriage contract says Beyoncé received $5 million for each child they have, regardless of a divorce. In the event of a divorce, Beyoncé will receive $1 million a year of marriage. The life of a celebrity is not always easy – but we would all be happy to have millions of dollars at our disposal. And when it comes to weddings among the Hollywood elite, it becomes even more difficult to manage all that money. Many engaged couples agree on a marriage pact or contract that describes their finances if they divorce later. And for celebrities, burning with millions of dollars, these prenups can be pretty revolting. Jessica and Justin have a marriage deal on the fraud. If Justin cheats on Jessica, Jessica gets $500, 000. These kinds of clauses on fraud/infidelity are common in prenupes, although celebrities take it to new levels.

Some celebrities have fascinating marriage contracts with their spouses. It is in this spirit that we should consider some of Hollywood`s most infamous marital arrangements. Now, we don`t expect the majority of our clients to negotiate multi-million euro marriage contracts, but this should be a fun example of how these agreements can work (sometimes strongly in a person`s favor). A marital agreement can be an important security feature of any marriage – a celebrity or a civilian. However, prenups are particularly popular among the rich and celebrities. Celebrities often have more to lose in divorce cases than the average person, including millions of dollars in income and high-quality homes. While no couple plans to divorce if they create a prenup, you can rest with you… or important rules when the marriage ends. Some celebrity prenupes (or at least rumor takeups) have become over the years infamous for their ridiculous claims and harsh results for one or both parties. According to Intel, friends of the couple, Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin have one of the most unique Hollywood prenupes. The couple has been married since 2002, and have not yet been advisory for divorce. But their marital agreement gives Ice-T the rights to Coco`s breast and gluteal implants if they divorce.