Crossfit Affiliate Agreement

  • Dicembre 06, 2020

When I signed my current employment contract, there was a non-compete clause that I couldn`t work at another county fitness center two years after the end of my employment relationship. I spoke to my current leader, who said he would impose it. You can only use the CrossFit name for other commercial or advertising purposes if you have a subsidiary. Only membership gives you the legal right to use the CrossFit name for commercial and/or advertising purposes. The other informal measure is to educate yourself and be part of the Community. This can be done in many ways. Do the workouts and post your results in WOD`s comments, read the CrossFit Journal, come to a seminar and meet with other partners and visit them. We encourage and welcome CrossFit Club Affiliates High School/Primary School. We waive the affiliation tax and insurance obligation for these specific affiliates. To qualify for a school, you must go to a school campus, train only students and staff, and be free. As an affiliate, you can and must say that you are using CrossFit methods and that you are part of the extended CrossFit family, but you must not present yourself directly or indirectly as a representative of or CrossFit, LLC to qualify for an EOA membership, you only have to train law enforcement or firefighters and be free.

If you meet these conditions, we waive the annual membership fee and the insurance obligation. E-mail for more details. CrossFit membership is a grassroots grassroots Internet-based movement, launched by crossFitters who wanted their own gyms, coaches and communities equipped with CrossFit. It has become a call to all those who really take care of fitness to get the car out of the garage, get some dumbbells, a long dumbbell, a few plates, a bar pull-up and a few rings and try the workout of the day. Inviting a friend to participate condenses the experience. Keep it right and in time you will need more space. Write us an essay (app), you give us a name, set up a website, send us photos and you`re part of the growing community of CrossFit partners. U.S. member companies must provide proof of assurance. Insurance can be purchased from a large number of businesses. CrossFit HQ, however, encourages the use of the CrossFit Risk Retention Group (RRG), which we believe offers the best insurance for CrossFit partners. The RRG is an insurance group formed and operated by CrossFit subsidiaries.

To learn more about the RRG, click here. For more information, visit the Insurance section. As an affiliate owner, you can also benefit from preferential access to CrossFit Games tickets, entry into the affiliate-owning lounge during games and priority support from our legal team.