Ana Media Buying Agreement

  • Dicembre 03, 2020

The updated version of the ANA project is an important step forward in the “transparency movement” of the advertising sector. It calls for significant changes in the way agency holding companies manage their relationships with advertisers – requiring greater transparency in many areas of the Agency`s business with its advertisers. The new draft ANA contract cuts this complexity and requires agencies to act as agencies in their dealings with advertisers. It has been designed to overcome many of the barriers to transparency in the digital supply chain and carefully details the expected degree of transparency. In the case of major transactions in which agency affiliates purchase and resell media on their own accounts, the submission contains restrictions on authorized mark-ups and requires agencies to provide auditors with the transparency necessary to verify compliance. Advertisers are committed to maintaining the transparency they need and agencies that resist can suffer lost business and persistent mistrust. We believe that holding companies that fully meet these transparency requirements will be the first to regain the trust of their customers and create the conditions for healthy and mutually beneficial relationships. Roland Janisse, Cortex Media Changes were also submitted to the highly negotiated audit sections of the agreement, including refunds and confidentiality agreements for auditors. The revised provisions contain a language that encourages the appellant to consult with his statutory auditor to determine the threshold of surcharge that would trigger an agency`s repayment obligations. Similarly, advertisers are now encouraged to join the No-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) as an exposure to the final agreement (the ANA intends to disclose a standard form for future use as a presentation) to shorten the broad negotiations that typically take place in this area. All media plans, media placements, KPS or performance data, costs, finances and other advertisers` data numbers are reviewed after the end of the contract until SIX ANSS.

Do you still have your picture of the media plan from six years ago? Can you confirm that someone hasn`t changed it? Are you sure that in six years, you`ll find the plans you`re working on? Are you sure the Excel AutoSave wasn`t activated when you used this old media plan as a template for your upcoming campaign? If you like having big advertisers as customers (who isn`t?), you can no longer run your media operations on spreadsheets. If you haven`t, it`s time to work with a specially designed media investment management system, including media plans, media placements, KPIs and performance tracking. The addition of “European Data Protection and Data Protection Laws” – In light of the recent adoption of the European Union`s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the model agreement now envisages the RGPD and obliges the parties to ensure that their practices comply with the provisions of the law. In a statement announcing the 2018 version of the draft contract, ANA CEO Bob Liodice said: “While significant progress has been made in strengthening the transparency of relationships between advertisers and media purchasing agencies, there is still much to be done. The new draft contract is more comprehensive than the original and contains updates that address the current market position. These updates include new or modified definitions of terms related to disclosure and mark-ups.