Pixum app herunterladen

  • Giugno 23, 2020

Bei einem Windows Computer (kompatibel mit den Versionen 32/64 Bit: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 und Windows 10) wird die Pixum Software fr dein Fotobuch nach Klick auf den Download-Button automatisch heruntergeladen. Nun gehst du wie folgt vor: Darber hinaus musst du dein Pixum Produkt immer mit der Software-Version des Landes bestellen, in welches das Pixum Produkt geliefert werden soll. Am besten achtest du direkt beim Download darauf, die richtige Version herunterzuladen. Fr den Download bentigst du lediglich rund 450 MB Speicherplatz auf deinem Rechner. Wie Download und Installation fr Windows, Mac OS und Linux-Betriebssysteme funktionieren, erfhrst du hier. Die Pixum Fotowelt ist nicht nur fr Windows, sondern auch weitere Betriebssysteme wie Linux ab Kernel 4.4.0 sowie Mac OS X ab 10.10 verfgbar. Die Software kannst du nutzen, nachdem du den Gratis Download auf deinem Rechner installiert hast. New wall decor for your living room with new Canvas, Gallery Prints or other Wall Art that showcases the very best of your photos. The Pixum Photo World software is not only available for Windows, but also for other operating systems, including Linux from kernel 4.4.0 and Mac OS X from 10.11 (El Capitan, 64 bit) on – so you can also create your Pixum Photo Book on your Mac at home easily and swiftly. Surprise your loved ones with a Pixum Photo Book with the most beautiful memories in an award-winning quality. Cliparts are vector graphics that don`t lose quality by changing their size. As they are put together from single-coloured graphics, they have the looks and feeling of a cartoon.

You can find the cliparts in the object selection in the folder “Designs”. There you can choose from a wide range of different cliparts in different categories. A layout consists of one or several empty frames that serve a s placeholders for photos or text. These frames can be changed in size, position and orientation. You can even add new layout frames. To add photos to the layout frames, simply drag and drop your pictures into the frames. Then you can define the section of the picture you wish to have displayed. Text can be found in the so-called text boxes, which are not included in most of the layouts. However, you can add text boxes manually and change their sizes, position and orientation to make them fit your creations perfectly. The image viewer offers lots of different picture editing options.

You can find detailed information on any photo and change them yourself. In addition, effects such as black and white, sepia and mirroring can be applied or the brightness, contrast and colour saturation adapted to your taste. You can also crop photos and edit red eyes. By clicking on the button “download more…”, you will also have the choice of downloading extra cliparts from the internet. They are automatically installed and can be used instantly. You will be able to drag and drop the video onto a page – just like a photo You can choose how many single pictures your video will have by simply double clicking on it. In the printed Pixum Photo Book, the videos will appear as QR codes, which you can scan with your smartphone or tablet to watch. Fr dein perfektes Fotobuch oder Fotoprodukt ist die Software ideal, denn sie bietet mehr Auswahl und vielfltigere Optionen zur Gestaltung: You can also use your own photos as background. By using the buttons underneath the photo preview, you can add your own photos as backgrounds. Of course, you can also edit these photos afterwards. To activate a layout frame with the with the label “Your text”, simply click on it and add your text.

Now you can even personalise the size of your text, the colour as well as the background of the whole frame. Du speicherst deine Kreationen einfach in der Software unter “Speichern unter”. Dann legst du die Datei auf deinem Rechner unter einem von dir bestimmten Namen ab.